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Since 1998 active in the field of crop nutrition, fertilizer, the soil science and environmental protection.

Dr. Riccardo Calzavara, CEO

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Arvan s.r.l. It guarantees a quality of service for the nutrition of the crops...


ARVAN s.r.l. it provides both full consultancy that specialized support ...


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The Magazine

ARVAN s.r.l. leader in Italy in assistance to producers and users of fertilizers, noted the lack in the Italian publishing of a magazine specifically devoted to these issues, although they are of interest to all operators in the agricultural world and there is a considerable demand for information.


Recipients of the Magazine

FERTILIZER is directed mainly to technicians, traders of products for the agriculture and the most prepared players, but attempts to provide accurate information on fertilizers also to non-agricultural world and in particular the public authorities and non-specialized press, which all too often dealing with them without the necessary bases. FERTILIZERS aims in fact to promote greater knowledge of the importance of proper management of fertility, providing a complete, accurate and updated.

Topics covered in the Magazine

News: information, news and reviews from Italy and the world.
Economy: the economics of fertilization and market trends.
Law and Policy: testi e commenti sulle norme relative ai fertilizzanti, al terreno e alla concimazione.
Products: critical examination of the characteristics of new products (fertilizers, soil conditioners, corrective and substrates) that face the market and fertilizer "classics" in the light of new knowledge.
Agronomy: the soil, the nutrition of the plants, the crop needs, land application techniques.
Environment and safety: relations between fertilization and the environment, safety in production and use of fertilizers and soil conditioners.
Resource recycling: the use of wastewater, waste, and for fertilizers, composting.
Biological agriculture: products and techniques for fertilization in organic farming and sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.
Research: associations and scientific societies in the world of fertilizers, the new research.
History and culture: fertilization in the history and in the world, classical texts on plant nutrition and fertilization.


ARVAN s.r.l. industry environment agriculture.
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