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The Fertilizer

Environmental protection

Studies and technical assistance in the environmental field.

▸ Environmental factors and components evaluation and analysis
▸ Pedological and agronomical studies on soil characteristics and peculiarities.
▸ Environmental impact and environmental compatibility evaluations.
▸ Official expertises on environmental problems.
▸ Specialisation and improvement courses for people involved in environmental activities.
▸ Reclaiming of polluted sites.


By-products recovery

Support to the use in agriculture of industrial by-products, sewage sludge, composts, etc... both straight and trough design of treatment plants..

▸ Evaluation of possibilities of by-products use and selection of best techniques.
▸ Design of new treatment and production plants, e.g.: composting plants.
▸ Preliminary study and technical survey in order to obtain authorisation by local authorities.
▸ Study of related regulations.


Technical and scientific support

Laboratory and field studies finalised to check fertiliser formulations behaviour, preparation of reports in order to obtain official registrations and for commercial purposes.

▸ Any kind of chemical analyses.
▸ Design and assistance for researches in agricultural-chemical field, including topics related with the environment.
▸ Laboratory and "in vitro" studies.
▸ Field trials in glass-houses and in open field.
▸ Preparation of scientific and technical reports.
▸ Cooperation with public and private research institutions in order to develop studies related to plant nutrition.


Technical updating

Organisation of technical courses for people involved in production, managing and trade of agrochemicals.

▸ Regular updating of specific information (technical, environmental, regulatory, etc...).
▸ Technical courses on different subjects related with plant nutrition.
▸ Study tours to production sites and field trials.


Public relation

Organisation of meetings and seminars finalised to launch new products and to promote the company image.

▸ Design of advertising materials.
▸ Selection of topics and speakers.
▸ Assistance in relationship with specialised press.
▸ Design of web pages and sites.


Publishing activity

Arvan s.r.l. is the publisher of "FERTILIZZANTI" the only Italian magazine completely devoted to fertilisers and has published also some 15 titles on subjects related with plant nutrition..

▸ Design of advertising materials.
▸ Selection of topics and speakers.
▸ Assistance in relationship with specialised press.
▸ Design of web pages and sites.



Arvan s.r.l. It guarantees a quality of service for the nutrition of the crops...


ARVAN s.r.l. It provides both full consultancy that specialized support ...


Technical advice in all stages of production of fertilizer materials...


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